Postys uses a custom algorithm to create daily video digest, combing through millions of YouTube videos for the very latest trends each day. Then our human editorial team selects only the hottest, the funniest, and the most unbelievable videos to make the cut!

When I first started to think about the Postys app, I tried to imagine what a perfect video app would look like. When you only tap an icon and it immediately starts to play something interesting. No sign ups, no channels, you even don't have have to choose the video. Run the app and it plays! If you don’t like the video, simply swipe and the next one comes up. Easy and fun!


I really enjoyed the UX. I’ve been fairly happy with Pheebo, until now. I’d love to see channels other than YouTube. I understand algorithmic curation is part of your value proposition, but in my opinion the app experience is the most important. You really nailed it. You made it to my first screen in one day. Please add more channels. I’m picturing an endless stream of /r/videos.
— Ryan MacCarthy, Product Lead, KickFactory
This app is amazing!! I saw this app in a blog post on Treehouse and thought that I would just give it a shot. I’ve already been sitting here for 45 minutes watching all of these videos! Such a simple and responsive interface! Great job!
— SirBDavis, AppStore reviews
Really does work well to swipe through the videos which auto load and let you browse more effectively. Nice ui and experience.
— tomg_55, AppStore reviews

Dragon ETH – is an experimental project in order to find blockchain use cases beyond cryptocurrency and countless ICO's.

It is a game where users take care of the mythical 'dragons'. Those beasts can fight, breed, die, or even mutate.

All of those game actions are real transactions in the Etherium network. Which means, there is no third party involved. Even creators cannot influence or change any game mechanics. If you own wold's strongest Dragon, there won't be any 'super-duper dragon'. You can acquire, breed or exchange your dragon for Ether at any time.

Almost the entire project is meant to be an open source initiative. Basically, it means anybody can use those characters in their own Etherium dApp.

Public git repo to be released soon. Ping me for more details.

Dragon ETH Prototype Screenshots

Dragon ETH Prototype Screenshots

CloudEMG – is a simple iOS client for Physicians to easily look through the study data.

Cloud EMG Mobile App Screenshots

Cloud EMG Mobile App Screenshots

Alum is a mobile discussion board exclusively for you and fellow alumni from your school. Alum is the easiest way to stay connected with your campus and your classmates globally, privately, and immediately.

Client – William Ballance.

I'm responsible for the entire software architecture and development.

I used the following technology: Parse for back-end and front-end is native iOS app written in Swift.


Alexander has been phenomenal, and eager to tackle all of the updates and challenges I’ve thrown at him. Despite being located around the world he has been 100% available whenever I need him, at all hours, which really makes the development process so much smoother.
— William Ballance, Client
Boom. Easy way to connect with old friends and network with new alumni without the pesky adds! go coach boom #usc
— Makemeking, AppStore reviews
Reconnecting. What a neat tool to reconnect to people you graduated with!
— Zappolocism, AppStore reviews

Aurora is an iPad application, designed to give you the whole new experience in the world of comics. This is an interactive story inside the application, which is presented in a conceptual way: the arts are astonishing and effects are amazing. Soon you can enjoy the new Universe, created by talented artists, on the go.

Here is a quick demo:

Coming soon in AppStore and Rift Share market.